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The Dorothy Krakovsky Trust (“the Trust”), protects your privacy. You will find the website’s Privacy Policy (“Policy”) and the website’s Terms of Use (the “Terms” or “these Terms”) of which this Policy is an integral part, in the footer on every page of this website.

Please review the Terms of Use carefully before proceeding to access this website and/or transmit any information or message to this website. Any access to, use of, or exploitation of this website or transmission of information to the Trust on this website is governed strictly by the Terms and this Privacy Policy.

If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms, do not access or use this website and do not submit any information to the Trust, the Trustee or the Trust’s agents through this website; otherwise you will be bound by these Terms.


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Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The Trust stores your personal information and transmissions for the purposes of communicating with you and/or notifying you of future exhibit(s), sales or events, news, or articles of interest, including press or art reviews, connected with Ms. Krakovsky’s paintings (“the paintings”).

The Trust does not- and will never- sell your private information such as your name, billing and mailing addresses, email address, telephone number, business website address, or any other personal identifying information you transmit to the Trust.

Transmission of Private Information to Third Parties

This is an artist’s website- not the website of a large company which has thousands of customers with links to many other websites of companies that may want to sell you their products. The Trust has no reason or interest in transmitting your personal information to third parties other than to update you on upcoming events or news/reviews or other writings about Ms. Krakovsky’s paintings, or to carry out a request you have made to the Trust.

For example, if you Subscribe (see website’s Contact page) or email the Trust that you wish to be notified of any announcements of future exhibits and/or sales, the Trust may provide your personal name and contact information to a gallery, auction house, museum or other exhibit venue which is sponsoring the exhibit or sale of the paintings, and to those involved in marketing or promoting the exhibit(s) or sale(s) that you have asked to be notified about and/or the owner of Ms. Krakovsky’s painting(s) which are being exhibited or sold.

Here’s another example. Although the Trust does not currently sell Ms. Krakovsky’s paintings online, if you purchase a painting in the future on-site or online (if online sales begin) through the Trust, the Trust may disclose your name and personal identifying information to third parties involved in, or necessary for, carrying out the sale, such as the owner of the particular painting being sold, a gallery or auction house which is selling the painting, an art broker involved in the sale, an attorney handling the sale, as well as to other persons assisting them, such as secretaries etc. and persons involved in the financial aspects of any sale, such as an accountant, etc. These are “common sense” third parties you should expect your private information to be provided to in order for the Trust to carry out your wishes.

If you do not want your name and contact information provided to such third parties, please email the Trust at  with the subject line “Do Not Provide Personal Information to Third Persons”. Please understand, however, that this may limit the Trust’s ability to notify you of future exhibits and/or sales or of completing the sale of one or more paintings.

Finally, the Trust may disclose your personal information to specific third parties  when such disclosure is reasonably necessary to either (i) comply with the law;  (ii) comply with or enforce the terms of the Trust’s this Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use; or (iii) defend or protect the rights, property, and safety of the Trust, the Trustee, the viewers of its site, or others.

Protection of your Privacy Rights by Third-Parties

Although the Trust will only provide your personal information to third-parties for the purpose of updating you on upcoming events or news/reviews or other writings about the paintings, or to carry out a request you have made to the Trust, and the Trust will request such third persons to maintain the security of your personal information and to not use your personal information in any way not authorized by the Trust, the Trust cannot guarantee, and is not liable for, the security of your personal information received by such third-parties.  You release the Trust of all liability for (i) improper release or transmission of your personal information by such third parties or flaw(s) in the security system(s) of such third-parties; and (ii) any misuse or misappropriation of your personal information by such third parties.

Breach in Security on the Trust’s website

Notwithstanding any measures the Trust may take to protect the security of your personal information you may provide online to the Trust and/or to shield the website from virus, malware, other online threats or programs, there is always some risk that third parties could breach such security and/or anti-virus measures or programs. As a result, while the Trust strives to protect your private information and to protect users of the site from online viruses, malware or other threats, The Trust cannot ensure the security and privacy of any personal information you may transmit to the Trust or that the site will not, despite the measures we take, become infected with viruses and/or malware.


Subscribing Services

The Trust offers viewers of this website the opportunity to ask to be notified of, or subscribe to receive, news of upcoming events such as exhibits, sales, or other information or writings relating to the paintings (collectively referred to as “events”). If you make such a request or subscribe to receive notification of such events, the Trust will make reasonable efforts to send you emails about these events, but mistakes do occur, and the Trust therefore does not and cannot guarantee that such emails and/or notifications will either be sent to you or, if sent, that you will receive such emails and/or notifications.  By subscribing and/or requesting that the Trust notify you of such events, you agree that the Trust is not liable for, and agree to release the Trust from, any and all liability for actual and/or consequential damages resulting from: a)  the Trust’s failure to send you such emails and/or notifications of events and/or; b) your failure to receive such notifications, even if sent to you by the Trust.  

If you have subscribed or requested to be notified of events and you no longer wish to receive notifications from the Trust, you may unsubscribe at any time by emailing the Trust at with your contact information and the heading “Unsubscribe me”. 

Children 16 and Under

The Trust does not solicit or knowingly collect personal information from children 16 years of age and younger. Any visitor to this site who is 16 years or younger is required to obtain parental consent before visiting the site. Any parent of such a child under the age of 16 who visits this site agrees, on behalf of such child, and as the legal guardian of such child, to release the Trust of all liability, including liability for consequential and actual damages, resulting from such child’s (a) access to the site (b) transmittal of any information to the Trust.

Choice of Law and Dispute Resolution

The user is referred to our Terms of Use for choice of law and dispute resolution provisions applicable to this Privacy Policy.

Revisions to our Privacy Policy

The Trust may revise its Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use at any time, without notice, and such changes will be effective immediately when they are posted on this website. The Trust suggests that viewers who are revisiting this website review the Trust’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use reach time on doing so to see the Trust’s most current Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use.

Current update: May 18, 2022

Contacting the Trust

If you have any questions regarding the Trust’s Privacy Policy or Terms of Use you may contact the Trust as set forth below:

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