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Dorothy Krakovsky standing in front of three of her paintings at the SoapBox Gallery’s exhibit in Brooklyn, New York from February 15 to March 16, 2014. Courtesy of Suzan Shutan, photographer.

Dorothy Krakovksy died in 2015. She left a collection of large and small paintings which, taken together, total nearly one hundred works. The vast majority of these, including most of the paintings displayed on this website, have never been exhibited and remain in private family collections.

In 2021, The Dorothy Krakovksy Trust (“the Trust”) was formed to assist in arranging for the exhibit and sale of paintings from these collections, which is expected to begin in 2023.

Those wishing to receive email notifications of future exhibits and sales may email The Trust directly at or may visit this page to subscribe and enter your email.

Private and/or Preview Exhibits

Beginning in 2023, the Trust may put on a limited number of private or preview exhibits for art professionals, collectors, galleries, museums, and members of the press. Those wishing to receive notices of such exhibits, should email The Trust at, or may visit this page and provide their contact information, including telephone number, professional field or interest (e.g. collector, curator, art consultant/advisor, journalist, etc.) or affiliation (e.g. gallery, magazine), and professional website, if any.

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